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Any successful insurance agent must be an outstanding salesperson with an outgoing personality. The agent should also possess superior mathematical experiences and constantly keep up-to-date on all adjusts within the insurance industry.

Difficulty: Challenging


Things You'll Require

College Catalogs Plus Applications Computers Insurance Software Online Career Look for

1 Familiarize oneself by way of the insurance area. Living, healthiness, real estate plus liability insurance are the locations in which most factors now perform.

2 Receive some bachelor's degree in small business or economics. Insurance firms prefer to hire uniques whose academic background includes courses in finance, math, accounting, economics, business and public speaking.

3 Come to be skilled with the PC software applied by the insurance industry.

5 Expect to take your state's exam for the mandatory insurance license after an agency hires you. Classes to the exam are offered in pre-licensing schools of insurance agents associations and with offices regarding some insurance corporations. Make confident you will meet all the licensing requirements regarding your state.

6 Be prepared to take continuing education classes for long time to come. Many states require these on some regular basis.

Tips & Cautions

Realize that insurance agents can be paid a income, a salary plus a commission, or only just any commission, depending on the type of work they conduct. Expect to work occasional evenings and weekends, particularly when trying to market policies to new clients. Be informed that you will be legally liable for any mistakes or omissions you may generate. If you choose to be an independent agent, you will have to buy your own liability insurance.