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A single of the most powerful features of Twitter yous the ability to share links to news, content also media on real time. All the same, Twitter limits the size of your publishs to 140 characters, and many links consider up all or most of that character limit, leaving little room to some description or any other content from your tweet. By optimizing your link with Twitter using any URL shortening service, you can make room in your tweets to your content and still contain any URL you pick.

Trouble: Moderately Simple

1 Copy the URL you'd like to optimize to your clipboard by means of highlighting the whole internet site address, right-clicking anywhere on the URL then clicking "Copy" from the pop-up menu.

2 Open the URL shortening service about your choice in your Web browser.

3 Paste the URL into the proper field and follow the on-screen directions to shortening the website address.

4 Highlight and copy the shortened URL to your computer's clipboard.

5 Open the Twitter homepage on your browser and paste the optimized URL into any new tweet.

Tips & Warnings

Though there are quite a few URL shortening services on the Internet, Twitter recommends web site and website. But, website typically shortens your URL to 13 characters instead about the 26 characters regarding web site. Twitter limits your post to 140 characters, so website optimizes your links to Twitter further effectively other than website.

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