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You need to get skilled to come to be some casino dealer at Wheeling Island

Wheeling Island remains in Wheeling, West Virginia and dates again to 1866 whenever it was set up for horse racing. It's now a fully integrated hostel, casino also racetrack owned by Wheeling Island Gaming Inc. According to Wheeling Island its hotel has 151 rooms, 2,000 slots machines (including the well known Wheel about Fortune slot), table games plus a few restaurants.

If you want to become some casino dealer by Wheeling Island you need to either already have experience as any dealer, or you will require to grab your own training.

Difficulty: Moderate


1 Register for training classes, if you do not own previous experience seeing that a casino dealer. Wheeling Island hires only veteran or trained employees. You may register to one introduction to gaming course with West Virginia North Community University's Wheeling Island Gaming Category. Once completed, you can choose to prepare as some casino dealer for blackjack, craps, poker, roulette or other selected games. You have to pay for your training.

2 Call the Wheeling Island Human being Resources Department by 304-231-1850, if you already maintain knowledge or contain finished training, to find from what casino dealer positions are accessible. Minimum job obligations contain a background plus credit verify. You will not be accepted if you have any wrongdoer record or a poor credit rating. You must also be personable and able to deal with patrons in different situations. It is also very important that you indicate math skills. You must to be accessible to work weekends, nights also through holidays .

3 Visit the Wheeling Island Human Resources Department to employ for a job like a casino dealer and request an application variety. Bring information about previous employment, including specific information almost previous chores as a casino dealer. References will be required, so make certain you have the contact information along with you. If this is your first role like any casino dealer, you need to demonstrate you have attended any instruction course. Take your CV with you if you have one.

6 Sign the work understanding and go to the casino on the required daytime. You will attend an induction course to familiarize you through Wheeling Island casino. You will be given further training in particular just about the operating procedures at Wheeling Island.

Tips & Warnings

You can apply and mail your CV online, or you can mail your CV to: Wheeling Island Hotel-Casino-Racetrack 1 South Stone Road Wheeling, WV 26003


Wheeling Island: Regarding Us West Virginia Northern Community University: Wheeling Gaming Course Description


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