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We explain here how you can start the emulator to install Red Hat.

Danger sign.png Remark: You first need to configure the SRM Firmware as explained in Configuring the Emulator for Red Hat.

Start the emulator

Better run at lower priority to allow other host programs to use CPU time.

nice ./es40

serial0(serial): Waiting for connection on port 21264.

Start the console via telnet

Danger sign.png Remark: The port 21264 was choosen on purpose. Actually this was the first EV6 Alpha processor CPU model number.

telnet 0 21264
This is serial port #0 on AlphaSim

Loading the SRM console

%GUI-I-INS: Installing sdl module as the ES40 GUI
sys0(tsunami): $Id: System.cpp,v 1.68 2008/03/04 19:05:21 iamcamiel Exp $
sys0(tsunami): $Id: DPR.cpp,v 1.16 2008/02/29 10:23:09 iamcamiel Exp $
sys0(tsunami): $Id: Flash.cpp,v 1.15 2007/12/30 15:10:22 iamcamiel Exp $
cpu0(ev68cb): $Id: AlphaCPU.cpp,v 1.71 2008/03/04 19:05:21 iamcamiel Exp $
pci0.7(ali): $Id: AliM1543C.cpp,v 1.60 2008/02/27 12:04:19 iamcamiel Exp $
kbc: $Id: Keyboard.cpp,v 1.4 2008/02/29 10:23:09 iamcamiel Exp $
dma: $Id: DMA.cpp,v 1.2 2008/02/26 15:43:47 iamcamiel Exp $
pci0.19(ali_usb): $Id: AliM1543C_usb.cpp,v 1.5 2008/02/27 12:04:20 iamcamiel Exp $
pci0.3(sym53c810): $Id: Sym53C810.cpp,v 1.6 2008/02/27 12:04:28 iamcamiel Exp $
pci0.3(sym53c810).disk0.0(file): Could not open file /users/geertvp/src/es40/img/redhat-sys.img!
pci0.3(sym53c810).disk0.0(file): writing 4000 1kB blocks: 100%
pci0.3(sym53c810).disk0.0(file): 4000 MB file /users/geertvp/src/es40/img/redhat-sys.img created.
pci0.3(sym53c810).disk0.0(file): Mounted file /users/geertvp/src/es40/img/redhat-sys.img, 4194303 512-byte blocks, 60787/3/23.
pci0.3(sym53c810).disk0.4(file): Mounted file /users/geertvp/src/es40/img/linux-alpha-072-1.iso, 329456 2048-byte blocks, 20591/16/1.
pci0.3(sym53c810).disk0.5(ramdisk): Mounted RAMDISK, 409600 512-byte blocks, 1280/16/50.
serial0(serial): Waiting for connection on port 21264.
serial0(serial): $Id: Serial.cpp,v 1.39 2008/03/02 09:42:52 iamcamiel Exp $
%SYS-I-READROM: Reading decompressed ROM image from rom/decompressed.rom.
%SYM-I-PATCHROM: Patching ROM for speed.
%SYS-I-ROMLOADED: ROM Image loaded successfully!
flash: 2097156 bytes restored.
%FLS-I-RESTST: Flash state restored from rom/flash.rom
dpr: 16384 bytes restored.
%DPR-I-RESTST: DPR state restored from rom/dpr.rom

Boot the installation CDROM

We boot from the Red Hat distribution CDROM (iso file).

Danger sign.png Remark: We prepared dka400 to contain an iso image of the Red Hat installation CDROM. This allows us to boot from the virtual CDROM to install Red Hat.

P00>>>set os_type unix
P00>>>b dka400
(boot dka400. -flags 0)
block 0 of dka400. is a valid boot block
reading 172 blocks from dka400.
bootstrap code read in
base = 200000, image_start = 0, image_bytes = 15800(88064)
initializing HWRPB at 2000
initializing page table at 3ff54000
initializing machine state
setting affinity to the primary CPU
jumping to bootstrap code
aboot: Linux/Alpha SRM bootloader version 0.9a
aboot: switching to OSF/1 PALcode version 1.92
aboot: booting from device 'SCSI 0 3 0 4 400 0 0'
aboot: no disklabel found.
iso: Max size:329456   Log zone size:2048
iso: First datazone:28   Root inode number 57344
aboot: loading compressed /kernels/vmlinux.gz...
aboot: zero-filling 343920 bytes at 0xfffffc0000ab8690
aboot: loading initrd (2260350 bytes/2207 blocks) at 0xfffffc003fc48000
aboot: starting kernel /kernels/vmlinux.gz with arguments 

Known problems

The distribution CDROM iso image seem to have no disk label

aboot: no disklabel found.
  • Is this really a problem?
  • Perhaps this error occurred also on a real AlphaServer when installing Red Hat?

The vmlinux kernel could not be decompressed

You see that the secondary boot loader aboot was able to find the initial RAM disk, and the kernel image,

Even after several hours, the Emulator did not succeed in decompressing the vmlinux kernel.