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We explain here how you can start the emulator and how you can issue SRM console commands.

Danger sign.png Remark: You first need to configure the SRM Firmware as explained here.

Start the emulator

Better run at lower priority to allow other host programs to use CPU time.

nice ./es40

serial0(serial): Waiting for connection on port 21264.

Start the console via telnet

Danger sign.png Remark: The port 21264 was choosen on purpose. Actually this was the first EV6 Alpha processor CPU model number.

telnet 0 21264
Connected to 0.
Escape character is '^]'.
This is serial port #0 on AlphaSim

Automatically executing SRM code

When powering on the emulated ES40, it automatically executes the SRM console firmware code.

By default, the system is not set to auto boot so you will get the console prompt.

starting console on CPU 0
initialized idle PCB
initializing semaphores
initializing heap
initial heap 240c0
memory low limit = 1b0000 heap = 240c0, 17fc0
initializing driver structures
initializing idle process PID
initializing file system
initializing hardware
initializing timer data structures
lowering IPL
CPU 0 speed is 847 MHz
create dead_eater
create poll
create timer
create powerup
access NVRAM
Memory size 512 MB
testing memory
probe I/O subsystem
probing hose 1, PCI
probing hose 0, PCI
probing PCI-to-ISA bridge, bus 1
bus 0, slot 3 -- pka -- NCR 53C810
bus 0, slot 15 -- dqa -- Acer Labs M1543C IDE
bus 0, slot 15 -- dqb -- Acer Labs M1543C IDE
starting drivers
entering idle loop
*** system serial number not set. use set sys_serial_num command.
Partition 0, Memory base: 000000000, size: 020000000
initializing GCT/FRU at 1c8000
Initializing pka dqa dqb
Memory Testing and Configuration Status
  Array       Size       Base Address    Intlv Mode
---------  ----------  ----------------  ----------
   0        512Mb     0000000000000000    4-Way

    512 MB of System Memory
Testing the System

Testing the Disks (read only)
AlphaServer ES40 Console V7.3-1, built on Feb 27 2007 at 12:57:47

Example SRM commands

You can use the SRM help|more and show commands to obtain initial information.

Show device

To show all the connected devices. The output depends on the es40.cfg configuration file.

P00>>> sh dev
dka0.               DKA0                           RZ58  2000
dka400.             DKA400                        RRD42  4.5d
dka500.             DKA500                         RZ58  2000
dva0.0.0.1000.0            DVA0                              
pka0.               PKA0                  SCSI Bus ID 7