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Support for running the emulator on Mac OS X is under development.

In the meantime I've successfully built and ran ES40 on the following:

Building environment

- OS X 10.6.5

- XCode 3.2.4 (gcc 4.2.1)

- MacPorts 1.9.2

Building process

Given that you didn't change the defaults when installing XCode and MacPorts you will need to do the following:

sudo port install poco
sudo port install libsdl
sudo port install libpcap

libsdl pulls a lot of dependencies related to X11. Don't worry about it for now.

Checking out directly from CVS worked for me the best as it actually has the "configure" script. Still one bit is missing. You will need to copy config.guess into your checked out "es40" folder:

cd es40
cp /Developer/usr/share/libtool/config/config.guess .


From here you may compile it with:

./configure --without-x
make install

For the question just press enter.

Other notes

- A working configuration file is a must. Without it the emulator will exit (and throw a segfault).

- The emulator needs the disk and cdrom images present otherwise it will exit

- It also needs the SRM rom which is described on the OpenVMS install pages


The emulator works pretty well so far but on exit it will throw a segmentation fault. Nothing important really. The SDL backend doesn't work for some reason but the console backend works perfectly.

--Artlace 17:03, 22 December 2010 (UTC)