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The ES40 Emulator has originally been written by Camiel Vanderhoeven.

Many people have further contributed to the ES40 Emulator by reporting problems, suggesting various improvements, or submitting actual code. Here is a list of these people. Please help me keep it complete and exempt of errors.

Code Contributors

In order of appearance.

  • Camiel Vanderhoeven main architect/developer
  • Brian Wheeler UNIX port, initial config file, initial VGA, new IDE, and contributions to overall quality
  • Eduardo Marcelo Serrat Major bugfixes
  • Fang Zhe OS X port
  • David Hittner Ethernet controller fixes, many wise suggestions in other places
  • Fausto Saporito Bugfixes
  • Alex GNU/Win32 support
  • David Leonard Bugfixes
  • Pepito Grillo Bugfixes
  • Martin Borgman additional OS X support
  • Caolán McNamarra Bugfixes



In order of appearance.

  • Gerrit Woertman (HP) helped us get in touch with the right people
  • Jur van der Burg helped out with IDE problems
  • Stephen "Hoff" Hoffman helped out with booting problems
  • Sue Skonetski (HP) publicity
  • Andy Goldstein (HP) helped us solve some processor issues
  • Ian Miller ( publicity
  • Anders Gavare allowing us to re-use parts of GXEmul
  • Bob Supnik author of SIMH
  • Paco Linux
  • Volker Halle helped us solve a nasty bug in unaligned memory accesses across page boundaries

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