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Snapshot 20080503_1030 is part of the effort working towards version 0.19. Main improvements are threading using Poco, better build scripts, and a start of floppy support.

Release Date and Download Link

Snapshot 20080503_1030 can be downloaded here.


Changes from Version 0.18 are:

  • Floppy controller implementation. (29-apr-2008, Brian Wheeler)
  • CDiskController is no longer a CPCIDevice. This alows for non-PCI diskcontrollers (like the floppy controller. (29-apr-2008, Camiel Vanderhoeven)
  • Added memory map dumping and memory range checking. (29-apr-2008, Brian Wheeler)
  • Rewrote DMA code to make it ready for floppy support. (18-apr-2008, Brian Wheeler)
  • Improved support for SDL on OS-X. (10-apr-2008, Martin Borgman)
  • More questions in debug confuration script. (03-apr-2008, Camiel Vanderhoeven)
  • Compile on OpenVMS; new OpenVMS build scripts generated from the UNIX build scripts; Include selected parts of Poco (Poco has dropped support for OpenVMS). (02-apr-2008, Camiel Vanderhoeven)
  • Created configuration file utility. (28-mar-2008, Camiel Vanderhoeven)
  • Support OpenVMS file paths. (26-mar-2008, Camiel Vanderhoeven)
  • Use the config.h data created by the configure script. (26-mar-2008, Camiel Vanderhoeven)
  • Improved IDE locking by a) Removing all of the general register locking; b) Busmaster locking is still in place, but it might not be needed, this locking is pretty fine grained so nothing should time out waiting for it; c) Creating an alt_status variable which gets updated when the real status becomes stable (i.e. at the end of the execute() run, after the drq status is changed, etc), access to this variable is locked; d) Everything else is a free for all. (20-mar-2008, Brian Wheeler)
  • Implement an optional delayed IDE interrupt. The OSes still lose interrupts sometimes. (20-mar-2008, Brian Wheeler)
  • Create configuration files to use GNU's Autotools. (20-mar-2008, Camiel Vanderhoeven)
  • Support disk image files >2GB on linux. (19-mar-2008, Camiel Vanderhoeven)
  • Fixed some IDE CD-ROM issues that were introduced with the multi-threading patch. (17-mar-2008, Brian Wheeler)
  • Restored SDL functionality. (16-mar-2008, Camiel Vanderhoeven)
  • Better exception handling, restored Serial port menu functionality (14-mar-2008, Camiel Vanderhoeven)
  • Ability to stop and restart threads, restored save/restore state functionality. (13-mar-2008, Camiel Vanderhoeven)
  • Use separate threads for devices rather than crowding everything into one thread. Use Poco libraries for platform independent threading. NOTE: This patch breaks some functionality that we will need to regain in the future. (05-mar-2008, Camiel Vanderhoeven)