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Tru64 UNIX is a 64-bit UNIX operating system for the DEC Alpha microprocessor architecture, currently owned by Hewlett-Packard. Previously, Tru64 UNIX was a product of Compaq, and before that, Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC), where it was known as Digital UNIX (formerly DEC OSF/1 AXP).

As its original name suggests, Tru64 UNIX is based on the OSF/1 operating system. DEC's previous UNIX product was known as Ultrix and was based on BSD UNIX.

It is unusual among common commercial UNIX implementations because it is built on top of the Mach kernel. (Other commercial UNIX implementations built on top of the Mach kernel are NeXTSTEP, MkLinux, and Mac OS X.)

Tru64 and the Emulator

See Building the Emulator on UNIX, BSD, Linux, etc, Configuring the Emulator for Tru64 UNIX, and Running Tru64 UNIX in the Emulator

Discontinuation Notice

ES40 emulator development has virtually been halted since 2009. The lead developer of ES40, Camiel Vanderhoevenis developing both Freeware and Commercial Alpha and VAX emulators for Migration Specialties.
FreeAXP is the Freeware Alpha emulator from Migration Specialties.
Avanti is the Freeware Alpha emulator from Migration Specialties.